I wanted to create a website that not only sells and shares my artwork but post about the music or films that influence my work. I have run Music Box Unwinds since 2007  and now finally getting to do an MBU and Staceynery crossover.

So here's a little about me....

  • What should be obvious is that my name is Stacey.

  • I have always loved art and music so I decided to combine the two.

  • From the West of Scotland

  • I have three cheeties (cats for the non-Scottish)

  • Massive fan of James Dean

  • I rather love Alexisonfire, Deftones, City & Colour, Alkaline Trio, Jimmy Eat World, Thrice, Pvris, The Distillers, Architects The Gaslight Anthem and many others.

  • My favourite TV shows are Parks & Rec, New Girl, Ink Master, Schitt's Creek, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Brooklyn-99.

  • I find Vikings - both the TV series and the real Nordic variety -  fascinating.

  • Canada is my happy place.

  • Obsessed with Star Wars - Also obsessed with my Star Wars Gangster prints by my favourite -  Jime Litwalk, some of them can be seen in my photo.

  • I only have two tattoos, Han & Leia and an Alexisonfire Cardinal.

  • Pretty sure I've watched every American true crime documentary

  • I have a photography diploma

  • I am a drummer and also like to have a wee strum on the guitar

  • I am terrified of the German accent, butterflies/moths and wet plastic bags. gads!

  • As you can tell, I am super exciting.

  • Also a fan of sarcasm.